Last Week of Classes

So! This week is the last week of classes at Wagner and it has been great.

This past weekend was Wagnerstock, and almost everyone came out for it. Everyone just kind of hung out on the Oval during the day enjoying live music, a big blow-up slide, a huge (free) barbeque… and the list goes on and on. The radio station Z100 was even there. After all that was over was the annual concert. Wagner got Gym Class Heros to come and perform for us and it only cost $5. It was pretty awesome.

It’s also the time where everything you learn in class starts to make sense with everything you’ve learned all semester. Classes are wrapping up with this full week, and then Monday is our last day of regular class. Tuesday and Wednesday we have off as ‘reading days’ and then finals are from Thursday until Wednesday… Saturday and Sunday off of course. It’s crazy to think that another whole semester has gone by already.


Author: bryan.grandison

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