Long way from home and flights but I am finally here in Cusco, Peru!

Hi I am Vanessa, I am now an upcoming junior, and I will be travelling to Cusco, Peru.  I wil be taking two spanish courses during my stay so I can improve on my spanish. It is sad leaving my friends and family but I am also very exciting to know what Cusco has to offer me.

After a very long from Newark to Lima and then another flight to Cusco, I am finally here. The city is amazing and although for the first day I had a bit of altitude sickness such as being light-headed. The view that I get from my apartment/dorm is beautiful.

I have experienced lately a hail storm in Cusco and then later on it was sunny as ever so the weather here has been very bipolar and I have yet to try to adjust in terms of what to wear. I have also yet to walk up stairs without losing my breath or walking up a flight of stairs , due to the altitude. I am adjusting to Cusco still and my stamina has been getting better so hopefully my body will start adapting to the altitude. Well, thats it for now. This weekend CIS program will be going on a city tour which I am excited about. I`ll be hopefully posting photos up to show all how amazing Cusco is.


Author: vanessa.ayllon

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