On the way to Italy

For those of you who are hearing about our EYH Rome trip for the first time see the course description below.

Course Description: This trip is designed to be an integral part of HI 252: Ancient Mediterranean Cities, making both the Mediterranean and the extraordinary ancient sites in Italy come alive in your imagination. We will spend the first part of the semester studying the evolution of democracy, art and theater in ancient Greek city-states and then have a chance to immerse ourselves in the actual cities and temples built by the Greeks and Romans in Sicily and Italy. The last three days of the tour will be spent in Rome, where we will visit many important ancient sites and where you will also have the opportunity to do field research on the building or object that you will have chosen as the topic for your final research paper. Class meetings during the second half of the semester will be devoted to a review of our experiences in ancient Rome and individualized guidance in the research for your final paper.

Our blog will be a daily souce of information of our journey through Italy. We will provide student thoughts, video and images-lots and lots of images-of the ancient sites we wil be visiting.

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