Doug Donato
Doug Donato Part of NYC

One Month Down

This past week marks the four-week mark of the semester, which means several different things. It means that I've been working at my new job for over a month, have watched the past couple of weeks fly by, and am one month into my last semester of undergrad... a little mind-blowing when you step back and look at it.

If there is one thing that the past month has taught me it is to keep an open mind. Things are never what you expect, and we should not try to fit different key events in our life to what we perceive they should be. Working this past month off campus was something I worried would leave me lost in a world where I was cut off from everything I knew and would steal from me the last few months I had with my friends at Wagner. The truth is, after I stopped worrying about this and just focused on what was in front of me, I have learned a lot and feel as though I am actually learning more than ever.

These past four years have prepared me for a lot, and there is no person too weird or different that I can't form a good relationship with them. Wagner's unique community has been a great training ground for the world, and I will never stop trying to expand my experiences to better my work and life. This is important because working for a number of different bosses and learning how people operate has been indispensable. Thinking on your toes can be an invaluable skill when you are trying to stand out in a crowd.

I have found that keeping an open mind has helped me artistically as well. By working with music, I have developed an interest in exploring areas I never previously took the time to check out — not only with business and communication, but also with my personal interests. Pretty cool for just one month of exploration!

I am grateful for this past month, a little sad it is over, but even more excited to see what the next few weeks will bring. I look forward to posting some photos and videos in the following weeks, and I encourage everyone (especially seniors) to take this semester and learn as much as you can from it.