Our Last Week in Peru

Hey all, sorry I have not written sooner. This is our last week here in Peru, how unfortunate! This past weekend was awesome though! Besides it being Peru’s independence day, “Veinte Ocho”, we went and visited two other archaeological sites up north and let me tell you, it was amazing. It was very similar stuff to the Huacas we study everyday but different at the same time. It was cool familiar with all the information to be able to understand and and compare/contrast both archaeological sites. We only have a week left here in Peru and its been an amazing trip. It is a double edged sword, I would love to stay but I do miss home. I honestly have had one of the best learning experiences. I will try to make the best of the week and absorb as much knowledge as I can. I will attach a few photos below from this past weekend, I hope you enjoy them. I hope all is well.


Be good,



Author: Celeste Marie Gagnon

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