Peru 2012

My Peru 2012 was absolutely amazing. I am home now and realize how much I learned and experienced through my adventures. Dr. Celeste Gagnon is an amazing influence and instructor, she opened doors for enlightenment as well as opportunities for the future. The experience as a whole was one of the greatest I've had. I had so much fun with all my new experiences. Diversifying myself with food, culture, knowledge, were all tools that just made my trip that much better. I miss Peru. The best part were the adventures in the lab every single day. I really loved analyzing the bones, collecting data, as well as searching for new and unusual information from each skeleton. One of the most important things this trip has taught me was that this is exactly the route I would like to continue on with my education. I loved what I did for five and a half weeks and can see myself making a future out of it. So I have to give the biggest thank you to Dr. Gagnon for allowing me to come along on a trip like this, as well as teaching me so much information that will truly help me in the future. So a final so long to all of my readers. I once again hope all is well to all of my readers and thank you as well for following me on my adventures.

Be good,


Author: Celeste Marie Gagnon

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