artwork by tony
Doug Donato

“Rose from the Dead” With Tony Reonegro: The Ultimate Backstage Pass!

The Grateful Dead... everyone has heard of them, even if they don't know the music. The band toured relentlessly for more than 30 years, built one of the most loyal fan bases of all time (deadheads), and inspired a huge slew of bands to make great music today. As a big fan of the band, I was so excited to check out the new exhibit, "Rose from the Dead," by Antonio Reonegro, an art/photography professor here at Wagner. Tony did a lot of awesome work for the band in the '90s, and the exhibit is currently in the Union Art Gallery.  I sat down with Tony this past week and had a great chat, where he explained his background, gave some fun facts about the art, and shared some great stories. Check out the video below!

Not only was Tony nice enough to talk with me, but he showed me some great work that wasn't released and took the time to share some personal stories about the inspiration behind some of the drawings. I highly recommend seeing the exhibit — it is in the gallery until early January, and it's great for fans of art, music, and the Grateful Dead. We are lucky to have talented professors here at Wagner like Tony. Special thanks for taking the time to share so much! (Click the pic below or here to see more from the collection)

artwork by tony
An "Uncut" sheet of passes, showing the complete image

For more on Tony's work with the Grateful Dead, check out this essay by Blair Jackson: Essay on Tony's Grateful Dead work. Tony also has his own company called Havoc Media where he does all sorts of design work for a number of different companies.

Check it out Seahawks, and Good Luck Truckin' through finals!