Round Two

Today was a great day here in Peru. The weather was clear, warm, and over all a beautiful day. As a group we got visit Huaca la Luna and the museum today. This is my second time visiting Huaca la Luna and the museum. I had a blast and learned some new information that I didn't get the first time around.

The lab has been great! It was a rough start analyzing all the commingled bones, but now the burials seem to be a bit more complete. Regardless I have been having a great time in the lab, learning new information every day. We are going to analyze as many individuals as we can, but my goal is to collect data from at least 70 individuals. I'll let you know how things turn out over the course of the next couple of days! Also we head east into the Andes tomorrow for some field excavation.  I'm so excited. Be ready for some great stories on my return.

Hope all is well,


Author: Celeste Marie Gagnon

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