Lynn Tay

The End of a Year but the Start of a New

Looking back on my winter break on the East Coast, I must say that my winter break has passed by too fast for my liking. It was my first full winter here on the East Coast. Before winter break came, I anticipated my winter break to crawl by slowly and be uneventful and dull. I was pleasantly surprised and found myself having a very eventful winter break. I had the pleasure to explore Long Island, Boston, Ft. Lauderdale, Rhode Island, and Manhattan.

Winter Travels
My favorite winter memories.

As a swimmer, my teammates and I only received ten days off from training this winter break, which was one day less than last year. All of us enjoyed every free moment we had and appreciated the short time we had with our family members. I missed my parents dearly this winter, but that made me cherish the time I had with my siblings this winter break more than I had ever appreciated it before. Spending the majority of my winter with my teammates also brought us a lot closer as a team. We all could not wait until our ten-day break, but we made the best of the silent campus and made many memories together.

The end of winter break marks the end of an old year and a beginning of a new year. I will be challenged with four science classes this semester, but I am going to embrace the challenge and work diligently. The end of swimming season is approaching quickly. Our team will be traveling to Boston during the last week of February to compete in our conference championships. It will be an exciting meet for our team. I cannot wait to see where all of our hard work will take us.

Good luck this semester, everyone, and begin this new year with a strong start!