The Final Days in NY

Before going back to Guatemala and officially starting my summer break, I decided to stay for a few more days after graduation in New York. At first I thought that I would not have anything to do, but then I remembered that it is New York City — there are plenty of things to do.

One of my Theta Chi brothers and I celebrating his birthday.

One of my Theta Chi brothers and I celebrating his birthday.

My adventures began right after graduation when I was invited to the house of one of my brothers to celebrate his graduation. We were greeted warmly by his family and with delicious food. It was a really nice time and we got to spend a moment all together as brothers. The next day I was invited to the house of one of the sisters of Tau Kappa Sigma, to celebrate her birthday. At first I was a little shy but that soon went away when I met her fantastic family. Her family reminded me so much of my own and made me feel welcomed. In between friends we all laughed and enjoyed the fantastic cooking.

But then I had to say goodbye to my lovely city before leaving her for almost three months. I literally went from the top of Manhattan to the bottom, and I saw absolutely everything. I have to say, New York is beautiful all the time, whether covered in snow or burning under the sun; it never ceases to amaze me. At the end of the day I went to a tavern in the city to celebrate the birthday of one of my brothers. It was a surprise for him; he had no idea any of his other brothers would show up, so it was a nice gift from all of us to him.

Jessica and I having adventures on the island.

Jessica and I having adventures on the island.

I spent my final two days in New York on Staten Island at a friend's house. The first night, we went to a studio to record some music. We got to write an original song that we are both very proud of. The song is still in draft form, but once it is ready I will share it with you all. I dedicated my last day to driving around the island. My friend took me to her favorite spots, drove me around the rich area of the island, and we even went to the mall. By the end of the day we were both exhausted, so we decided to end it all with a scary movie.

I had an amazing sophomore year at Wagner College. I made so many memories and so many new friends. I cannot wait to go back and keep the adventures going! For now, I will spend the summer back in Guatemala. Do not worry though, I will blog about my adventures in this wild country as well.

Christian Grotewold

Author: Christian Grotewold

Hi guys! I am Christian and I'm from Guatemala. I am an Arts Administration major here at Wagner College. I am also a brother of Theta Chi Fraternity, one of the HawkTalk directors, and the assistant at the Center for Intercultural Advancement. Some interesting facts about me: I love tattoos (as you can tell from one of my blog posts), my favorite book is Harry Potter (as well as movie), my favorite TV show is Game of Thrones, and I love Batman! I am a very friendly guy and you will always see me with a smile on my face.

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