The First Five Days of Singapore

I cannot believe that I left California five days ago! My trip in Singapore has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  The city has changed dramatically since the last time I had come to visit, which was eight years ago.  My cousins have been very gracious and took it upon themselves to take me to many places around Singapore.  They have brought me to some hawker centers (outside food markets that sell freshly cooked local food) and beautiful sights of Singapore such as the Gardens by the Bay and Marina Barrage (a reservoir).

Some sights at the Marina Barrage

Flowers at the Gardens by the Bay

Flowers at the Gardens by the Bay

My cousins also brought me to a popular shopping spot at a place called Bugis.  It reminded me of a Flea Market, where you can find bargains on miscellaneous items.  The items they sold in the stores there had interesting designs.  I felt that while I was shopping there, I preferred the way the things look here compared to some of the ways American products are designed.

I must also say that the food is as good as I can remember.  The last time I came to Singapore, I remember how good everything tasted.  So far during my trip here, I have eaten wonderful food, and they are as fresh and wonderful as they have ever been!  My favorite foods from Singapore are the dishes with different types of seafood.  I had a large crab four nights ago with my cousins, and it was some of the freshest crab I have eaten in a very long time.  This crab was also a very large crab.  It was about three times the size of a normal Dungeness Crab that my parents would buy at a grocery store in California.  I must say that I was impressed by the sweetness of the crab meat.  I was not expecting a significant difference in the taste of the crab meat; just a difference in the style of cooking the crab.

Salted Egg Crab

This is the plate of Salted Egg Crab! It was a very large plate and a lot of shell peeling.

Another food that I have sorely missed from Singapore was a dish called jui kueh (pronounced Jwee- Kweh).  Kueh is essential a mix of water, flour, and tapioca powder, that settles into a soft, white looking object.  Jui kueh is a kueh that is topped with a sweet and salty onion topping.  It is a dish that requires a lot of skill to make, and I have not found any restaurant in America that has been able to replicate the delicacy and taste of the jui kueh of Singapore.  I went out with my two cousins and had this mouth-savoring dish.  It was wonderful tasting it again after a very long eight years!  During the remaining time here, I will be making sure that I have this dish a few more times before going back home.

Jui Kueh

This is what Jui Kueh looks like. The white part is the kueh and the reddish brown stuff is the sweet and salty onion topping. It was very yummy!

The last dish in this post that I want to share with you is rojak (pronounced row-jock). This is my brother's favorite dish from Singapore.  It consists of a Chinese donut pieces (lightly fried rolls of flour), dicons (a type of crunchy Chinese vegetable that can be eated raw), cucumbers, and pineapples mixed in a sweet shrimp sauce that is all topped with freshly crushed peanuts.  This is a delicious dish that I think anyone interested in Singaporean food must try.  I must say that I was very happy to eat this dish early on during my trip in Singapore!


Here is a picture of rojak. Usually at the hawker centers, rojak is eaten with kabob sticks.

I will keep updating and posting pictures on my blog during my trip here! So far, I must say that I am having a fabulous time here! Although the humidity will take awhile to get used to, the food, shopping, and sights far outweigh the miserable weather. I hope you keep following me on my Singapore adventures! Feel free to leave me any questions or comments.  I appreciate all of your feedback.

Author: Lynn Tay

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