Doug Donato
Doug Donato

Wagner Starting the Year Off With Spirit

There are many things that make me proud to be a Wagner student; but at certain times and for certain events, I feel like the students put aside anything that may be bringing them down and join together to show just how much spirit we Seahawks really have. Some times that come to mind are Songfest, Wagnerstock, and Homecoming. (Even last year, students still managed to have a good time despite the snow and some unwelcome changes.)

This past weekend I experienced that pride that I love so much about this place, being surrounded by my fellow students, decked out in their green and white Wag gear and joining together to enjoy the beautiful weather and some football at our first home game of the season against Monmouth. The stands were full of cheering students, parents, alumni and faculty, who all come together from different class years, organizations, walks of life, etc. It's pretty inspiring when you stop to take a look around and soak in the vibe, although it's something that many students overlook. I have to admit, I am not a huge football fan myself, but I am a huge fan of being at a game and just feeling like I am part of something bigger, a force to be reckoned with, one school spirit that everyone is a part of and can feel, no matter what part of Wagner life they belong to.

The fact that it was beautiful weather made the spirited day that much better.

Even walking across campus to the game was exciting, as the cheers and music could be heard from as far as the Union. I was glad to arrive and see some students tailgating (responsibly I might add). This is a process that many people have missed, since it was sort of snuffed out with the new policies implemented for Homecoming last year. Seeing groups of friends gathering in West Lot ...ooops, I mean Stadium Lot (old habits die hard) ... having a good time, listening to music, and getting amped up for the game was refreshing and put a smile on my face right off the bat. The great part was that although we may not have won, the game was full of Seahawk pride. Walking in to see so many people I know from Wagner all there to support our school was a victory in itself. The stands were full of families, and it was hard to even find a seat if you got up. It was a great way to relax and appreciate a feeling that is special and uniquely ours.

football stands
The stands were full of cheering students, parents, alumni etc.

Spending the day surrounded by the energy and charisma of our community and just really enjoying being here was a feeling I appreciate. Some weekends I feel as though students are always planning their way into Manhattan, which is great because that is one great bonus to being on Staten Island. The times when students all want to stay here and represent Wagner, however, are the most inspiring to me and make me remember all the reasons I chose to be here in the first place. Good spirit, Seahawks, we'll get them next time hopefully, but I look forward to the next time we all get together for some good-spirited fun.

See you soon and until next time