What My Friends Are Up To

Hello again prospective Waggie!

I have decided to compile a list of some things that some of my Wagner friends are up to this semester! Check them out!

  • Writing and publishing a non-fiction book that is for sale online.
  • Serving as a camera man for a student film
  • Performing a concert of all original music in the city
  • Taking dance classes at Broadway Dance Company
  • Actively auditioning for various Theater/TV/Film roles in the city
  • Doing scientific research on the pathogens of Listeria Monotonousness
  • Serving as a mentor for troubled youth in various communities on Staten Island.
  • Producing weekly content on YouTube as a creator
  • Working as Event Staff for events throughout Times Square and other busy hubs in NYC
  • Performing as a stand-up comedian at clubs in the city
  • Creating a fictional student film to be shown in a public setting
  • Serving as the President of a non-profit organization
  • Submitting academic research into a variety of academic journals

I purposely did not include any on campus activities, internships, or volunteer work. The reasoning behind this is so you can see beyond what the school has to offer. Obviously all of the people doing the things above are still in classes, involved on campus, and may be completing an internship or doing volunteer work. These are things that anyone can do with the help of Wagner or on their own outside of the more recognized ways to better yourself.  Being so close to worlds most renowned city and being so culturally enriched in Staten Island, the possibilities that you can achieve are endless.

Dillon Quinn

Author: Dillon Quinn

Dillon is a junior business administration/marketing major and film and media studies minor, hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota! He's addicted to all things pop culture and enjoys flavored creamer, fine literature, tourist traps, stand-up comedy, Febreze, musical theatre, and poetry. You can find him, or hear him from afar, on campus being overly social or eating. His dream is to work in TV or film but ya never know where life is gonna take you! Stay true!

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