Who Has the Better Pizza: Chicago or NYC?

As a student living in New York City and having the opportunity to play baseball in Chicago, I had to settle the debate of which city has the best pizza.  These two cities have had an ongoing debate about who possesses the better tasting pizza.  New York City’s pizza is famous for its large, wide, and thin shape.  On the other hand, Chicago’s pizza is renowned for its tall crust, which encloses the large amounts of cheese and chunky tomato sauce.  The two eateries that I am comparing are Denino’s Pizzeria & Tavern of Staten Island (arguably the best pizza in all of the five boroughs and conveniently located a few miles from Wagner’s campus) and Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria (home of the best deep dish pizza in the world).  Fortunately for me, I did not have to critique these two places by myself.  My girlfriend Katie accompanied me to both of these restaurants, so you will be receiving the opinion of both of us.

A view of Lou Malnati’s pizza pie (photo courtesty of Katie Wall)

Let’s start with Denino’s, whose pizza is representing New York City.  The pizza had a thicker and softer crust than most people would associate with New York style pizza.  The sauce was very tasty and the cheese was your typical pizza pie cheese you would expect when ordering a pizza.  Overall, the pizza was excellent and it was best eaten with the famous New York style fold.  Now we will move on to Lou Malnati’s of Chicago.  Lou Malnati’s was started by the son of Rudy Malnati, the man credited with developing the recipe for Chicago style deep dish pizza.  This pizza had the traditional Chicago deep-dish look, with a high thin crust raised up on the sides.  The tomato sauce was made with whole chunks of tomatoes and on top were thick slices of mozzarella cheese.  Lou Malnati’s pizza was outstanding and very filling, and the best way to attack the large slices was with a fork and knife.

Well now that we both have experienced the two types of pizza, it is time to reveal our results of who we think has the better tasting pizza.  Katie’s decision was the deep dish pizza of Chicago, arguing that there was more flavor to the pizza because of the chunky tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella used in the making process by Lou Malnati’s.  Sorry to say, but the decision was not unanimous.  I sided with the New York style pizza of Denino’s because of the thin crust style, the delicious taste, and the fact that it is easier to eat pizza by folding it.  There you have it, a split decision.  The debate will remain ongoing and the only way to determine for yourself which city has the best pizza is to go out and try them firsthand.  If you do so, I could not recommend two better places than Denino’s Pizzeria & Tavern and Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria.

Author: kevin.ross

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