Senior Thesis Topics 2013-2014

Samantha Alder, “Boundary Conflicts of Post-Colonial Africa”

Patrick Bethel, “Relief of the “Distresses” in Ireland? The British Response to An Gorta Mor, the Great Irish Famine”

Kristin Cahill, “Multiparty System in the U.S.? Past, Present and Future”

Andrew Farrell, “The Five Points: America’s Neighborhood”

Gary Giordano, “The Truly American Liberal Arts College: Establishing a Civic and Democratic Mission”
Published in The Wagner College Undergraduate Journal, Winter 2014

Noor Hussein, “The History of Medicine during the Mughal Empire in 18th Century South Asia”

Shane Roff, “General George S. Patton and the Modernization of Warfare”

Julianne Tszuska, “Eyewitness to Genocide: The Traumatic Impact of Liberation on American Liberators”