The Wagner College Honors Program has the following goals:

  • to operate in harmony with the College's mission statement;
  • to work closely with the Admissions Office to identify incoming students who have the potential for exceptional scholarly work and recruit them into the Program;
  • to recruit students from the whole student body who have special intellectual ability, but who may not reflect this in standard ways;
  • to retain students who have been admitted into the Program by providing students with special courses, colloquia and independent study opportunities that are more challenging than regular courses;
  • to provide students with extensive support and counseling in the pursuit of their academic and pre-professional goals;
  • to develop a faculty identified with the Program who offer one-time seminars on topics of special interest to them and their students;
  • to function as a source of innovation and curricular experimentation on campus;
  • to utilize to the fullest the educational opportunities offered by information technology;
  • to contribute to the overall enhancement of intellectual life on campus;
  • to provide freshmen and upper class honors students with the opportunity for a themed community in the residence halls;
  • to provide students with leadership opportunities by appointing them to an Honors Student Council to work with the program's director and the Faculty Advisory Council (consisting of department chairs, registrar, and provost) in developing the aims of the program;
  • to regularly submit the Program to self-study and revision in response to the changing nature of the student body and the College as a whole;
  • to encourage students to participate in regional and national meetings of honors students and other forms of experiential education;
  • to promulgate students' written and other works that are products of their work in the Program; and
  • to provide opportunities for social gatherings among students in the Program.

The Wagner College Honors Program is a member of the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC).