Primary Physician Care

Medical Administration:

We are excited to announce a change in the administration of our medical plan. The new administrator will be Primary PhysicianCare, Inc. (Primary), Primary will begin handling administrative services such as claims processing, customer service, etc, effective June 1, 2013. Current elections will be transferred electronically to Primary over the next several weeks and may not be changed at this time unless you experience a qualifying event or mid-year status change. Our annual open enrollment period will be held during the month of November/December for a January 1 effective date.

Network Access:

Your network of providers will change from United Healthcare to CIGNA. CIGNA is another well known, nationally recognized network. Most providers used within the last 12 months are accessible through CIGNA. You can search for providers on their website.

Pharmacy Benefits:

Your pharmacy provider will be changing to Express Scripts, Inc. however your pharmacy benefits will not change. The pharmacy information will be printed on your new ID card, please make sure to show your new ID card at the pharmacy after June 1. 2013. If you currently use mail order, you will need to obtain a new prescription from your doctor and complete the mail order form on the Express Scripts website.

Please be sure to show your new ID card as of June 1, 2013. This will ensure claims are submitted to the appropriate administrator.

Primary PhysicianCare Contact Information

Primary PhysicianCare is your Third Party Administrator (TPA) for the self-funded employee health plan of Wagner College. Customer Service Representatives are available for you for inquiries about your health benefit plan or claim status. You can also register for online access to view claims or contact a Customer Service Rep.


  • 8:00am-7:00pm EST
  • Please leave messages after hours


  • Customer Service:           1-800-446-5439
  • Pre-Certification:              1-800-472-5001
  • Express Scripts Rx:         1-800-889-0350

ONLINE ACCESS to claims and benefits:

BY MAIL:   Primary PhysicianCare, Inc. P.O. Box 11088 Charlotte, NC 28220


  • Your ID number (from ID card)
  • Your group number or Employer name
  • The date of service of the claim in question