How do I apply?

Complete the Wagner College Application for Study Abroad and submit it to the Center for Intercultural Advancement BEFORE the deadline. This form must be signed by your faculty advisor releasing you for study abroad before you submit it.

What are the requirements?

You must have a cumulative 3.0 GPA and file your application within the semesters deadline. You must not be on academic or disciplinary probation . You must also submit a Transfer of Credit Form listing your course selections and their descriptions. This form must be signed by your faculty advisor and the Center for Intercultural Advancement Director, Ellen Navarro.

How much does it cost?

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How do I know what classes to take?

Consult your faculty advisor (just as you would for advice on semester registration) to see what courses remain outstanding in your Wagner Plan. The Director of the Center for Intercultural Advancement may be consulted for advisement on course descriptions specific to your program. This information may be acquired online through your program of choice's website.

Do I have to apply through the company?

After your Wagner application is approved, you must apply directly to the program either by online or hard copy application as outlined on their website or by the program representative. Further information will be provided by the Center for Intercultural Advancement.

How long can I go for?

Most students study abroad for one semester. However, you can study abroad for a maximum of two semesters. If you cannot devote a semester for study abroad, we also offer short term trips such as EYH & various summer programs.


Vaccinations for Students Studying Abroad: http://www.cdc.gov/features/studyabroad/

Study Abroad Emergency Procedures