Intro to Moodle-How to Add a Resource

Intro to Moodle-How to Add a Resource

In Moodle, a Resource is anything that you wish to share with your students. Examples of things you may wish to share with your students are a course syllabus, PowerPoint Presentations, an interesting article, etc. The following videos will show you some of the most commonly used Resources as well as the steps you have to take in order to share these resources with your students.


Uploading Files on Moodle- To avoid an extra step later, it is good to upload any files you are interested in sharing with your students into the Files section in Moodle first.

Uploading Files into Folder- This will help to organize all of the files that you upload into folders creating a well kept space for you to work in.

Add a Resource: Insert a Label-Useful for organizing multiple files into one space.

Add a Resource: Compose a Text Page- Useful for sharing an interesting idea with your students or for a place to paste any useful content you would like them to see.

Add a Resource: Compose a Webpage- Useful for sharing media with your students on YouTube.

Add a Resource: Link to a File or Website- Useful for uploading documents for your students use such as a syllabus, powerpoint presentations, etc or linking them to a particular website that you would like them to see.