New wireless network for Spring semester

New wireless network for Spring semester

Wireless connectivity has been, and continues to be a problem in many areas on campus.  The proliferation of mobile and wireless-only devices has been difficult to keep up with for many colleges and universities, especially smaller institutions like Wagner.

We are very happy to announce that over the winter break, work will begin in residence halls and classrooms to prepare for the installation of a new wireless network.  The new wireless network has been completely redesigned and engineered according to the most recent industry standards.  Great care was taken in evaluating the capacity needs in specific areas around campus to support the academic demands as well as the individual recreational needs of our students.

We will be replacing every piece of the system, so there will be no remnants of the old, under-performing system moving forward.  The expected completion date for the network to go live in residence halls and classrooms is the beginning of the Spring semester.  If we have the opportunity to bring individual buildings online prior to that, we will certainly do so.  As with any new network installation, we will likely need to tweak settings and configuration as we evaluate patterns of usage across campus.

We're excited for the possibilities the new network will bring, and we look forward to providing a much more pleasant and enjoyable wireless experience.

For the most recent updates regarding the new wireless network, please connect with @WagnerCollegeIT on Twitter, or check back here on our IT Bulletin.