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February 24, 2015
Seems like Google has tracked down the issue and is attempting a repair. From Google: "The root cause of the issues was identified and mitigated. The product team is working now on restoring the order [...] Keep reading →
February 23, 2015
Google has confirmed that this is a known issue other users (outside of our domain) are also experiencing. We have not received a timeline for resolution as of yet. We'll keep you updated [...] Keep reading →
February 23, 2015
We've received multiple reports that the auto-complete function when typing in a recipient email address in the Gmail compose window is not working as it used to. In the past, most frequently and recently [...] Keep reading →
February 13, 2015
The I.T. staff and our Internet provider will be making a small change to our Internet connection which will allow us to install our next series of updates to our Internet service. Since our provider [...] Keep reading →
February 3, 2015
Time Warner has notified us of a planned maintenance window, starting at midnight on Wednesday 2/4. The maintenance is scheduled to end at approximately 5 am on Thursday morning. During this maintenance, [...] Keep reading →
January 21, 2015
Our ISP has confirmed that the issue affecting our internet service has been resolved. If you are still experiencing difficulty connecting to the internet, please contact the Help Desk to report the [...] Keep reading →
January 21, 2015
We have confirmed with our ISP that there is an outage on the east coast that is causing intermittent delays with our internet service. At the moment, our connection seems to have stabilized, but the [...] Keep reading →
December 11, 2014
Next Tuesday, December 16 at 10PM Network Operations will be switching the campus to our new Internet provider.  The procedure has been planned to create very little interruption to service but to be [...] Keep reading →
October 27, 2014
Google is investigating an issue with Google Drive that is affecting a subset of users. Updates directly from Google can be found on the Google Apps Status Dashboard. [...] Keep reading →
September 17, 2014
WiFI connectivity has been restored in Guild Hall, but there is still a hardware issue affecting roughly 20% of the wired ports.  Hardware is scheduled to be replaced at approximately 10:00 am tomorrow [...] Keep reading →