Online Training with VTC

Information Technology has purchased a license to access online learning from a company called VTC (Virtual Training Company). From the VTC website, you will be able to access training in over 400 software titles – everything from Microsoft Word to Adobe Acrobat to Macromedia Dreamweaver to programming in php.
Each training module is actually broken down into twenty or so short lessons (varying in length from 2-10 minutes) and you can view any of the lessons you wish. So, if you are new to a software title, you likely wish to start at the beginning. You can start and stop whenever you wish and the program will keep track of which lessons you have completed. If you have been using a piece of software for a while and are just interested in learning about a particular topic, jump right to the lesson on that topic and go.

Faculty, staff, and students are all eligible and, we hope, all interested in learning new skills. Simply contact the Help Desk at 718-390-3410 or enter a request via School Dude to request an account. One will be established for you. After that, you will be able to access VTC from any web connection – even from home.
One caveat is that we only have a 5 concurrent user license. That means that 5 people can be using our VTC license at any given time. If you happen to be the 6th person, you will receive a message stating you cannot be logged on because all licenses are in use. If this ever happens to you, please contact the Help Desk, 718-390-3410. We are more than willing to increase our license limits if the service is actively being used.

  1. Call 718-390-3410, or enter a request via School Dude to request a VTC account. You will be sent a username and password.
  2. Go to www.vtc.com and log in using the credentials provided to you.
  3. At the top of the page, select Online Learning, VTC Titles, Select Category and you are on your way to virtual learning.