August/September Workshops

Please see below for descriptions of the workshops being offered over the next few weeks.

Mini Moodle Sessions: We will be offering four mini Moodle sessions that will focus in on a particular topic of Moodle. Bring your laptops or log into one of our training lab machines and ask your questions regarding these topics. They are:

  • Posting Resources and Creating Assigments
  • Organizing your Page and Creating Forums

Starting Your Semester on Moodle: This workshop will go over how to perform some of the most frequently asked questions when first setting up your Moodle course. It is a very basic workshop that will get your course up and running. The topics we will cover are:

  • Logging in
  • Viewing Participants
  • Choosing between a Weekly or Topics format
  • Editing a Topic Summary
  • Meaning of the default News Forum
  • Uploading a Syllabus
  • Creating a Label
  • Setting up a Gradebook (Please keep in mind that this instruction will show how to create an extremely basic gradebook.)
  • Creating a Basic Assignment
  • Logging in as a student
  • Utilizing Editing Icons
  • Creating a Forum
  • Utilizing Quickmail

VoiceThread Workshop: VoiceThread is a great application that will allow you to share different types of media with students. They can view the media and collaborate in an asynchronous discussion via voice, text, or webcam. Utilizing VoiceThread will enhance your course especially if you are teaching online. It also integrates seamlessly with Moodle. The topics we will go over are:

  • What is a VoiceThread?
  • Different Ways of Communicating with Comments
  • Creating a VoiceThread
  • Saving and Sharing your VoiceThread
  • Exploring Settings in VoiceThread

Intro to iPad Workshop: This is a basic Intro to iPad workshop that will go over the hardware and many exciting features of the iPad. The topics we will go over are:

  • Detailed Look into the Hardware of the iPad
  • How to Customize your Wallpaper
  • The Home Button
  • Setting up WiFi
  • Typing
  • Setting up Email
  • Browsing Safari
  • Taking and Organizing Photos
  • ¬†Settings
  • Troubleshooting

Intro to Moodle 2.5 Workshop: Moodle 2.5 has a lot of great features and provides a richer user experience. We are offering a three week basic workshop that will introduce these features to you and get you up to speed with what this new platform has to offer. These weeks will be separated into three separate sessions. Please see below for the topics we will cover in each session:

Session 1: Getting Started with Moodle

  • Basic Navigation
  • Choosing a Course Layout
  • Changing a Topic Summary
  • Editing Moodle Course Settings
  • A closer look at Editing Icons
  • Introducing Labels
  • Completion Tracking and Conditional Release

Session 2: Exploring Resources and Social Tools

  • How to Upload a File
  • How to Create and Utilize Folders
  • How to Create a Page
  • How to Link to a URL
  • How to Create a Forum
  • Utilizing Quickmail
  • Creating Assignments

Session 3: Evaluation Tools and Backup

  • Creating a Quiz
  • Creating and Adding Questions to a Quiz
  • Setting up a Basic Moodle Gradebook
  • Backing up and Restoring your Moodle Course

Google Drive Workshop: Google Drive is a wonderful tool for sharing and collaborating on documents with colleagues. It also provides an alternative place to store documents and files. In this workshop we will cover:

  • What is Google Drive?
  • Navigation of Google Drive
  • Uploading and Deleting Files
  • Creating and Editing Folders
  • Creating and Working with Google Docs
  • Creating and Working with Google Sheets
  • Creating and Working with Google Forms
  • Collaborating with Google Drive

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