March Workshops

VoiceThread Webinar: VoiceThread is a great application that will allow you to share different types of media with students. They can view the media and collaborate in an asynchronous discussion via voice, text, or webcam. Utilizing VoiceThread will enhance your course especially if you are teaching online. It also integrates seamlessly with Moodle. The topics we will go over are:

  • What is a VoiceThread?
  • Different Ways of Communicating with Comments
  • Creating a VoiceThread
  • Saving and Sharing your VoiceThread
  • Exploring Settings in VoiceThread

Google Classroom Basics: Google classroom makes the sharing of files and assignments between teachers and students easier. With this addition, you are able to dispense assignments, share classroom files, and assign grades for your students all in one place.

  • Creating a Class
  • Inviting Students to Join
  • Basic Navigation of Google Classroom
  • Integration of Google Drive and Google Calendar
  • Adding Materials
  • Creating Announcements & Assignments
  • A Look at Asking Questions to Students

Qualtrics Basics: Qualtrics is a user friendly software used to develop unique surveys useful for data collection and research. This workshop will give you the basics of how to create a survey and edit it based on your preferences.

  • Logging into Qualtrics
  • Creating a Basic Survey
  • A Look at Four Basic Types of Questions
  • Adding Logic to your Survey
  • Options for Editing Survey
  • Distributing Your Survey
  • Looking at Results


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