Dr. Margarita Sánchez

picturemeMargarita Sánchez has been dedicated to the study of contemporary Latin American literature with an emphasis on gender and cultural studies. After her article on the masculine literary figure of “el guapo”, published in 2000, she has continued her research on the representation of masculinity in canonical and non-canonical writers. Her most recent publication is focused on the analysis of voices of displaced women in Colombia. She is currently working on two projects. The first is an article on the “compadrito”, a fascinating character in Borges’ earlier novels and short stories. The second is a book project which considers artistic
strategies used by Colombian writers and film makers to cope with violence. She teaches all levels of Spanish language, introduction to the Criticism of Literary Texts, classes in twentieth-century Latin American literature and civilization classes. She also teaches the course "Cities in the Hispanic World" that includes a trip to Buenos Aires in the Winter Intersession.


Parker Hall Room 113, Extension:  4133
Email: msanchez@wagner.edu