Dr. Dane Stalcup

Stalcupbiopic2Dane Stalcup’s research focuses on the intersection of music and literature throughout 19th-century France. In particular, Dane studies the works (both textual and musical) of romantic composer Hector Berlioz. For his doctoral dissertation, Dane undertook a project that looks to Berlioz’s Mémoires as an autobiographical model that is defined by the multiple voices of music, literature, and self-expression. His wider interests in music and text range from Enlightenment-era philosophies on language and music to the impact of Richard Wagner on European music, literature, and society.

Dane is also passionate about the short stories of E.T.A. Hoffmann, Karen Blixen, Oscar Wilde, and Truman Capote and is deeply committed to language acquisition and the field of applied linguistics. He is also a violinist and an opera enthusiast.

Parker Hall Room 107
Phone (718) 420-4527