Laptop Lending

Twelve Dell laptops (OS: Windows 7) are available for current student and faculty use WITHIN the library. Laptops are kept at the Circulation Desk and come with power cords. They are set up for access to the campus wireless network only and do not have printing access.

Bring your Wagner ID to the front desk to borrow a laptop.

Laptop FAQs

1. May I borrow a laptop?
Yes. Laptops may be borrowed to be used WITHIN the library. Laptops may NOT leave the library. Bring a Wagner ID to the Circulation Desk to borrow one.

2. Are the laptops logged in?
You do not need to use your personal log in to access the laptops. We will provide you with a generic login but no wi-fi will be provided without your all-access-pass. This means that you won’t have access to the P:/ Drive (personal network drive)… see the next question to log in to your personal network drive.

3. How can I access my P:/ Drive (personal network drive)?
To log in to the laptop in order to access your network drive, double click on the Novell icon on the desktop (big red “N” icon). Then use your Novell username and password. Username format
is: .firstname_lastname.student

4. The laptop is “locked”. How can I unlock it?
When the laptop isn’t used for a while, it locks. Enter the following username to unlock it.
Username: libuser (no caps)
No password is necessary (leave the password field blank)
Then hit ENTER. The laptop will unlock. If you get an error message click Cancel and it should log you in.

5. The laptop says that the wireless connection is disabled. What do I do?
Turn the laptop so that you can see the right side of the laptop. You will see the wireless card slot near the USB ports. There is a wireless switch that enables or disables the wireless network.
If the switch shows red, then the wireless has been disabled. Flip the switch so that all you see is black. See images below:
Figure 1: Wireless is DISABLED

Figure 2: Wireless is ENABLED

6. Can I print from the laptop?
No. Wireless printing is not available on this campus. If you need to print, email yourself the file and log in to a local computer to print.

7. Do the laptops have Zotero installed?
Yes, they do have Zotero (a citation management tool that helps you cite your sources properly) but you will likely need to update it. Go to to download the newest update. Use the Mozilla Firefox Browser and Microsoft Word to use Zotero.