Printing & Scanning


All those with a current AD account may print and scan from library printers.

There are four (4) printers in the library (three on the main level and one in the smart lab on the lower level) with print and scan capabilities.

All printers are set to default to black and white single-sided printing. To change the printing settings to double-sided and/or color select the "Options" menu from your printing queue when you swipe your card at the printer.


All those with a current AD account can print from their laptops or other mobile devices. Just sign in to your Wagner email account and send your document as an attachment to Then go to any library or lab printer, swipe your Wagner ID (or type in your AD login credentials) to retrieve your prints outs.

Please note: this option only for files in Word, PDF, JPEG or PNG formats.


All students are given a starting printing balance. Once the balance is exhausted, a student may pay to add to their balance at the Bursar's Office and bring the receipt to the IT Help Desk to add the money to her/his account.

The current costs for printing are as follows:

Single-sided color Single-Sided grayscale Double-sided color Single-sided grayscale
$0.12 $0.10 $0.09 $0.08


All library printers also serve as scanners. In addition, the library has two dedicated scanning stations located next to the Writing Center that allow users to send scans to their smartphones, email, Google Drive, or a USB drive.

Two scanners are available for use with Kurzweil and other assistive technologies on our assistive technology computers (reserved for students registered with CACE's Disability Services).


All library printers serve as photocopy machines. To use this feature just swipe your Wagner ID at the machine and select "Copy." The cost of photocopying is deducted from your printing balance. The cost for photocopying is the same as printing:

Single-sided color Single-Sided grayscale Double-sided color Single-sided grayscale
$0.12 $0.10 $0.09 $0.08