Online Tutorials

Learn about the research process and library resources, and develop advanced search skills.

Research tools: How-to videos created by our librarians

  1. How to Search OneSearch (12:00) - everything you've ever wanted to know about searching OneSearch, the library's comprehensive search tool
  2. How to Search the Horrmann Library Catalog (7:49) - search the catalog to find books, media, and textbooks located within the library
  3. Interlibrary Loan (5:52) - borrow books and articles from other libraries for free
  4. Zotero (5:32) - cite, save, and manage your sources using Zotero
  5. Business Databases at the Horrmann Library (14:49) - how to research business and company information using the library's databases
  6. APA Style Basics (Prezi presentation) - basics of formatting a paper, citing sources, and preparing the reference list according to APA style

The Research Process:  Recommended videos

  1. The Information Cycle (1:38) - learn how and when different types of information are published and how to choose the best source
  2. Research is like Cooking (3:45) - a great analogy for understanding the research process
  3. Choosing Search Terms (3:43) - save time and make sure you are using the best terms before you begin your search
  4. Scholarly v. Popular Periodicals (3:10) - learn to differentiate between popular and scholarly articles
  5. Why Can't I Just Google? (3:13) - need we say more?
  6. Credible Websites (3:54) - how to evaluate websites
  7. Primary Sources - History (3:02) - learn about primary source materials for history
  8. Primary Sources - Sciences (4:40) - learn about primary source materials for the sciences
  9. You Quote It, You Note It! - our interactive plagiarism prevention tutorial

Database-specific How-to Videos

  1. JSTOR (5:43) - All subjects
  2. SAGE Journals (6:55) - Social and Natural Sciences
  3. CINAHL with Full Text (4:39)- Nursing & Allied Health
  4. MEDLINE with Full Text (3:36) - Medical Sciences
  5. Using CINAHL/MeSH Headings (5:27)- how to use the customized thesaurus to use the recommended search terms in CINAHL and MEDLINE