The Horrmann Library is committed to providing an environment conducive to study and learning.  We are all collectively responsible for preserving the Library’s furnishings and collections.  Please adhere to the policies outlined below.

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Cellphone Use

Talking on cell phones is prohibited in the Library.  Cell phones should be turned off upon entering the building.

Food & Drink

Small packaged snacks (cookies, chips) and drinks are permitted in most areas of the library.  Beverages must be in spill-proof containers.  Eating and drinking are not permitted in the lower level Smart Lab and around Library computers.  All trash should be deposited in the proper receptacles located throughout the building.

Lost & Found

The library is not responsible for any items left unattended by patrons. All items left in the library will be held until end of business on the same day. If patrons do not pick up their belongings within that time frame, all found items will be delivered to Public Safety the following morning at open of business. End of business is usually 12 midnight Sun-Thurs and 8pm on Fridays & Saturdays during the semester. Between semesters, end of business is 5pm.


All notices, posters, and signs must be stamped and approved by the Office of Co-Curricular Programs. All notices will be posted on the bulletin board at the entrance of the library on the main level. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Dean of the Library.

Spotlight Gallery

The Spotlight Gallery exhibit space is not managed by the Library. Please contact Prof. Andy Needle, 718-420-4035 or aneedle@wagner.edu or Prof. Marilyn Kiss, 718-390-3369 or mkiss@wagner.edu for more information regarding current exhibits or booking the space.

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The Horrmann Library seeks to acquire materials in appropriate formats and in sufficient quantity, depth and diversity to support teaching and basic research in the subject areas of the curriculum. In order to foster intellectual partnerships with students, faculty and staff, the Library encourages you to become involved in building its collections by recommending Library purchases.

Recommendations are evaluated by departmental liaison librarians according to the following criteria:

  • Relevance to the curriculum
  • Support for the research needs of students
  • Support for faculty course preparation
  • Relationship to existing holdings
  • Departmental liaison librarians may initiate a dialogue with the requestor as they consider an item's cost, availability and format.

The Library currently acquires books, periodicals, audio-visual materials, and online resources. While every effort is made to provide a wide range of materials, the Library does not normally acquire the following:

  • Multiple copies of single titles.
  • Juvenile and young adult literature.
  • Vanity press publications.
  • Please note that the ordering, shipping, and processing of new acquisitions take approximately 6-8 weeks, and occasionally longer for hard-to-find or out-of-print titles. Please allow sufficient time when submitting requests. Requests may be submitted by phone or email to the designated departmental liaison librarian, or by using the online Materials Request Form.

For further information contact: Dennis Schaub at (718) 390-3378 or dschaub@wagner.edu

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Gift Acceptance Policy

Horrmann Library welcomes gifts and contributions for the development of the collection. Especially useful are materials that fill existing gaps and that support the curriculum. Gifts are evaluated by the same standard as purchased items to ensure that the collection maintains quality, consistency, and relevance to the needs of the college.

Gift materials are accepted under the following conditions:

  • The Library reserves the right to determine their retention, location, cataloging treatment, and other considerations related to their use. Bookplates identifying the donor will be provided upon request. Items not appropriate for the collection will be sold.
  • In rare cases gifts will be refused if there are unacceptable conditions attached to the donation (i.e. restrictive borrowing limits) not in keeping with the mission of the Library.
  • A gift acknowledgement letter will be provided by the Wagner College Development Office on request. To protect the donor and the College and comply with U.S. tax laws, the Library cannot appraise gifts for tax purposes. The Library can, however, provide a list of reputable appraisers. Appraisal costs are the responsibility of the donor.
  • Gifts must be brought or mailed to the library; the library does not provide pick-up service.
  • The donation of old textbooks, magazines, newspapers, or items in poor condition is discouraged.

For further information contact: Dorothy Davison at (718) 420-4221, or ddavison@wagner.edu
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Interlibrary Loan Policy & Guidelines

The Horrmann Library provides free interlibrary loan and document delivery services to all currently registered Wagner College students, faculty, staff, and others that are registered for borrowing privileges, including Friends of the Library, alumni, and community patrons.

Interlibrary Loan service is governed by the American Library Association’s National Library Code and US Copyright Revision Act of 1976(17. United States Code. 101 et seq.) and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Interlibrary Loan requests are made through the Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Services website. Select the material type you would like to request from the left hand menu and fill out the form. You will be notified by email when your request arrives.

There is no limit to the number of requests that can be made at one time.

To make a request, gather information about a book, DVD, audio CD, or journal article that you would like to get. Then, log on to your ILL account and fill out the appropriate form from the new request form links on the left side menu.

The ILL department will notify you by email when your request is ready. Also, you can track your requests from your ILL account. Depending on the request type, materials are available for pickup at the Horrmann Library Circulation Desk, or are delivered to you through your Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Services account online.

Most articles and document deliveries will be available to you through your ILL account within 24-48 hours. Most books are delivered to the library through UPS or courier and are usually available to you within 5 to 10 business days.

Most materials can be obtained through ILL request, though there are some things that are usually not available through ILL services. These include : text books, dissertations and theses, very old or very new books or DVDs, and very rare materials available through archives or special collections. Don’t count on being able to get these types of materials through ILL.

The loan period for ILL materials varies and depends on the lending library’s policies and procedures. In general, the loan period for ILL books, DVDs, and CDs is three to six weeks. While some libraries will renew, some will not. Renewal requests are made through your ILL account. Select the item you would like to renew and click the renewal request button.

Library patrons are responsible for reimbursement for lost or damaged books. Books kept beyond 3 months will be considered lost, and will be subject to replacement cost determined by the lending institution. Photocopies of journal articles do not have to be returned.

When ILL requests arrive, or more information is available about the request, the Horrmann Library staff will notify the patron by e-mail. Patrons can track the status of their requests at any time by logging into their ILL accounts.

For further information contact: Toni Rosario, Interlibrary Loan Assistant at (718) 390-3379, or email us at interloa@wagner.edu.

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