Healthcare Advocate Certificate

As educators and health information specialists, health care advocates work to empower others. You will be trained to work collaboratively with health care providers to mediate conflict and facilitate positive change. As health policy advocates, graduates may work as patient representatives, educators, ombudsmen, and/or health care advisers in legislative and organizational areas and advocate for patients and consumers from positions in government agencies, disease-specific voluntary associations, or national health policy organizations. In addition, this course assists patients and families to navigate the health care system and to ensure that their health needs are met and their medical charges are billed fairly.

This online course examines the many positive roles played by health care advocates on behalf of consumers, families, and their communities through the following topics:
• a brief historical survey of our health care system
• common ethical issues
• national changes in health law
• how to assist self-insured corporations in premium cost reduction
• learn how to establish and market your health care advocacy business

Required Textbook: Patient Advocacy for Healthcare Quality: Strategies for Achieving Patient-Centered Care by Jo Ann L. Earp et al.