LEGO® Robotics

legoroboticsbanner There has been an invasion of giant alien spiders from another planet, and we need you to build and customize your own NXT LEGO bot that will be able to complete various Trash Trek missions to save the community. Collect your gold and protect it too using your customized RCX Lego bot in our Clash of Clans mission. Creativity and a strong team effort are required and emphasized in these programs. Engineering, programming, building and designing skills will be enriched as well.

Your child will get to:

  • Design, build, test and program robots using LEGO MINDSTORMS® technology
  • Apply real-world math and science concepts
  • Research challenges facing today’s scientists
  • Learn critical thinking, team-building and presentation skills

They will also learn the importance of team building, project management and time management while having fun building and designing robots that will battle other robots. Points will be tallied and awarded for the most missions accomplished in the shortest amount of time.

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