LEGO® Robotics - Nature's Needs

Lego Robotics

Did you ever wonder, “What can we do to help Nature?” Come join us at LEGO Robotics where we can assist Nature in completing its many tasks. You will be able to build and customize an NXT bot in order to complete various missions, whether it be extracting organic honey from bee hives, depositing soil for farming or installing solar panels to obtain energy from the sun, and more. A strong team effort is required, as members will collaborate to solve problems, build, customize, test and program their machines using LEGO technology. A Lego competition will be presented to family and friends to conclude the program.

Your child will get to:

  • Design, build, test and program robots using LEGO MINDSTORMS® technology
  • Apply real-world math and science concepts
  • Research challenges facing today’s scientists
  • Learn critical thinking, team-building and presentation skills

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