Photography Workshop Series

photographyworkshopJoin one or all three workshop classes and improve your photography skills. All classes taught by Sara Signorelli, who has taught photography since 1999. She is also a featured judge and presenter for camera clubs throughout the tri-state area.

Photography Basics

In this class we will explore the fundamentals of photography including shutter speed, f-stops, aperture size, ISO, lighting, and composition.

Spring 2016 Date TBD
Saturday, 11am – 1pm
Tuition: $59

Flash Photography

In this class we will learn how to shoot indoors, night photography, and how to combine flash with ambient light. There will be an introduction to shooting events, and you will learn how to pose. Increase your basic knowledge and bring your photography skills to a new level.

Saturday, November 14
11am – 1pm
Tuition: $59

Using Adobe Photoshop

In this class you will be introduced to Adobe Photoshop, where you will learn about levels, histograms, actions, channel mixer, and layers. You will also learn how to make selections and improve your exposures in post production. Bring in your worst or underexposed photo, and let’s see how we can improve it.

Saturday, December 5
11am – 1pm
Tuition: $59