Pre-College Program for High School Students

Summer in New York City Get a New York City jumpstart on your college career!

Sophomores, juniors, and high school seniors from around the world will experience college life first hand, make new friends and explore New York City, while also earning college credit in science, history, filmmaking, or performing arts.

The Pre-College Experience

Every day in our residential pre-college program will be a new and exciting one that caters to expanding students’ educational and cultural horizons. With 5 options to choose from, each program is taught by leading Wagner faculty and is designed to help students tackle real problems, make a difference, and learn what it takes to be a leader, all in line with The Wagner Plan, that unites deep learning and practical application. No matter what program you enroll in:

      • Earn up to 6 transferable college credits in 2-3 weeks
      • Strengthen your college application with our admissions workshop and learn tips on how to survive your first year at college
      • Visit some of New York City’s exciting attractions including museums, galleries, Broadway shows, and more!

Mark your calendars our 2016 Summer Programs begin July 10!

2016 Wagner College Pre-College Brochure

Check out our 2016 Summer Brochure!