Wagner College Pre-College Program for High School Students

The Pre-College Experience

The Wagner College Pre-College Program advances the education of talented, intellectually curious high school students. Our residential summer and non-residential fall/spring program allows select high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors to expand their educational and cultural horizons. With a number of course offerings to choose from, each program is taught by leading Wagner faculty and is designed to help students tackle real problems, make a difference, and learn what it takes to be a leader, all in line with The Wagner Plan, which unites deep learning and practical application.

No matter what program you enroll in:

  • Earn 4-6 transferable college credits and meet with college counselors who will help prepare you for the challenges of the college admission process.
  • Visit some of New York City’s exciting attractions including museums, galleries, Broadway shows, and more!
  • Outside of class, experience the independence and responsibility of college life on our 110-acre residential campus.
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