Summer Pre-College Program for High School Students

Get a New York City jumpstart on your college career!

Sophomores, juniors, and high school seniors from around the world will experience college life first hand, make new friends and explore New York City, while also earning college credit in science, history, music production, filmmaking, or performing arts.

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The Pre-College Experience

As a Pre-College student, you will experience college-level academics in a small class setting while exploring new subjects. Our instructors are all experts in their fields and are fully committed to sharing their expertise, passion, and experience with all students. Ranging from one-week intensives to three-week programs, each course will help you get a jump on your college education by earning up to 6 credits. The pre-college program is designed to challenge your critical thinking and problem solving skills, both in the classroom and during exciting field trips. Rather than focusing on one subject, each academic program track is paired with a course in a different discipline.

No matter what program you enroll in:

  • Earn up to 6 transferable college credits in 2-3 weeks
  • Strengthen your college application with our admissions workshop and learn tips on how to survive your first year at college
  • Visit some of New York City’s exciting attractions including museums, galleries, Broadway shows, and more!

Pre-College Program: Health

Learn how to interview patients, perform physical exams, and practice clinical procedures such as suturing and casting. Interactive sessions will enhance traditional lectures and build your confidence in pursuing careers in healthcare.

Pre-College Program: Filmmaking

The Filmmaking and Video Production course introduces students to the fundamentals of filmmaking — pre-production, script writing, directing, cinematography, sound recording, editing and distribution. Through the creation of your own films and careful analysis of the work of experienced filmmakers, students will explore a variety of stylistic approaches found in American popular culture.

Pre-College Program: History

Learn about the political, cultural and economic transformations of NYC, both in the classroom and first-hand at sites in all five boroughs. This course explores the history of New York City and will cover topics including September 11th, the rise of Wall Street, the Civil War Draft Riots, the Harlem Renaissance, and the impact of immigration.

Pre-College Program: Microbiology

Explore the world of microbiology and how organisms (bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses) impact human health. The lab component will introduce students to laboratory skills at a college level, where you will learn to culture and identify different pathogenic bacteria.
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