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Stagecraft Intensive

The emphasis of this course will be on the mastery of practical skills associated to take a theatrical production from the conceptual design to the stage. The course will use a hands-on approach to teach students how to work with theatrical equipment and tools necessary to function as a technical stage employee across multiple disciplines. This one-week summer stagecraft intensive will build a student’s knowledge and skills while increasing professional development by enriching their portfolios and resumes.

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Course Information

  • Stagecraft Intensive 
  • Tuition and Program Dates 
  • Application Information 
  • Course Curriculum 
The Summer Stagecraft Intensive will focus on preparing high school students for a technical theatre college program by exploring theatrical equipment and tools. Students will receive training in professional development in addition to talking with theatrical professionals.  Each Student will become familiar with:
• Tool, equipment, and material used in scenic technologies.
• Technical vocabulary and construction techniques.
• Theatrical carpentry.
• Conventional stage lighting equipment, accessories, and light board programming.
• Stage wiring and electrics.
• Professional theatre staff occupations and responsibilities.
• Theatrical special effects.
• Knot tying.
• Counterweight and hemp rigging systems.
• MIG welding. 
July 16 – July 22, 2017    Tuition: $2,600   Tuition Includes:  
  • Two Broadway Shows.
  • A lecture from a Broadway Stage Manager
  • A copy of Paul Carter’s Backstage Handbook
  • A copy of Jay O. Glerum’s Stage Rigging Handbook
  • A tour of Wagner College’s Main Hall Theatre
  • A hands-on demonstration of over 200 tools.
  • A hands-on demonstration of standard scenic construction.
  • A hands-on demonstration of electrical wiring
  • A hand-on demonstration of MIG welding
  • An opportunity to design lighting for a still photograph.
  • A resume building workshop
  • A portfolio building workshop
  • Campus housing for 7 nights.
  • A meal plan for 7 days, offering 3 meals a day
Ready to apply?  
  1. Fill out our online application
  2. Download the PDF
  3. Still have questions? Call us at 718-390-3221 or email
Application Requirements  
  • Must be either a sophomore, junior or senior in Fall of 2017
  • 1 Page Essay (Why you want to attend the Wagner College Summer Pre-College Program and what you hope to gain from this experience)
  • Letter of Recommendation from Guidance Counselor attesting to current GPA
  • Portfolio and/or Resume listing theatre experience
The course is designed to educate students of different levels of experience and interests. Previous experience is not necessary. Students will refine their resumes and portfolios in workshops as part of the Summer Stagecraft Intensive course. 
Day 1, Sunday 
  • Student Introductions with the Instructor and TA.
  • Orientation to the course and reading material.
  • A demonstration on safety equipment.
  • A tour of Wagner College’s Scene Shop and Lighting Lab
  • A tour of Wagner College’s Main Hall Theatre
  • A discussion on professional theatre staff occupations and responsibilities.
  • A discussion on theatre architecture.
  • A discussion on theatrical building materials.
  • A discussion on theatrical hardware.
Day 2, Monday 
  • A hands-on demonstration of over 100 hand tools.
  • A hands-on demonstration of over 50 power tools and accessories.
  • A hands-on demonstration on pneumatic tools.
  • A hands-on demonstration on stationary tools.
  • A demonstration on special effects.
Day 3, Tuesday 
  • A hands-on demonstration on how to build a Broadway flat.
  • A hands-on demonstration on how to build a Hollywood flat.
  • A hands-on demonstration on how to build a Platform.
  • A trip to see a Broadway Show.
Day 4, Wednesday 
  • A discussion on steel shapes and material.
  • A hands-on demonstration on MIG welding.
Day 5, Thursday 
  • A hands-on demonstration on knot tying.
  • A discussion on rigging equipment.
  • A discussion on hemp rigging systems.
  • A discussion on counterweight rigging systems.
  • A discussion on traveler track components.
  • A trip to see a Broadway Show.
Day 6, Friday 
  • A hands-on demonstration on electrical wiring.
  • A hands-on demonstration on stage lighting.
  • A hands-on demonstration lighting programming.
  • Day 7, Saturday
  • A discussion on professional development.
  • A portfolio building workshop.
  • A resume writing workshop.


Life at Wagner

  • Residence Halls 
  • Dining 
During your time here, you will be living in one of our four dorms equipped with Wi-Fi and amazing views of the surrounding area. Student lounges are located on all residence floors for social gatherings or for just spending time reading or socializing with new friends. Rooms for boys and girls are on separate floors, or in separate parts of the residence.  Learn more about our Residence Halls 
Our Pre-College students eat in Wagner’s cafeteria-style dining hall, which serves a range of healthy options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The dining hall provides vegetarian and vegan options at every meal, and special dietary needs (such as kosher or gluten-free meals) will be accommodated.  Students also have the option to purchase snacks, soda/coffee, and sandwiches in the Hawk’s Nest. 

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