Pre-College Instructors

Our Pre-College Program courses are taught primarily by leading Wagner College faculty selected for expertise in their field and commitment to sharing their love of and interest in their subject.


Dr. Christopher Corbo

Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences Department

718-390-3385 Megerle Science Building 315

Immunology, Bacterial Pathogenesis, Electron Microscopy

Rita Reynolds

Associate Professor/Chair, History Department

718-390-3491 Parker Hall 202

19th and 20th century historian of African-American and American history.

Nora Lowy

Program Director, Physician Assistant


Program Director. PhD, MPA, PA-C

Susan Fenley

Adjunct Faculty, Theatre & Speech Department


Acting and Public Speaking

Gail Tiburzi

Graduate Coordinator, Physician Assistant


Michael Rota

Research & Simulation Learning Coordinator, Physician Assistant


Natalie Conn

Natalie Conn was raised in Baltimore, MD. She studied video at Cooper Union in NYC and documentary photography and radio at Salt Institute.
She works as a freelance photographer, radio and video producer and is completing her MFA in Integrated Media Arts at Hunter College where she teaches filmmaking, web design, graphic design and animation. She's currently working on an experimental animated musical set in MD.

Kath Ruggeri

Kath Ruggeri, M.A., specializes in creating learner-centered initiatives that empower students to become active, responsible,
and successful professionals in and out of the classroom, employing an eclectic blend of best practices from innovators in higher education, business, psychology, sports, and personal effectiveness.


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