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HackerUSA provides students with comprehensive job-oriented training programs in the fields of cyber security and information technology.

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IT Expert Specializing in Python & Basic Cyber Security

The IT expert course covers the foundational elements of various IT security skills and technologies. The course introduces Windows Server, basic Linux administration, and the fundamentals of Python programming. You will gain the skills necessary to work with cloud-optimized networks, applications, and web services, as well as virtualization features, networking management, storage capabilities, and more. The modules covered in this course provide the first step in improving data security in organizations.

This program suits technically-oriented individuals from any type of background who are looking to join the high-tech industry.

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Cyber Security Risk Management & Assessment

The Cyber Security Risk Management and Assessment program is designed to transform students into first-class cyber-security risk managers within one of three main channels: analysis, assessment, and mitigation. Identifying threats and weaknesses and providing protection are the core skill sets that this program builds through intensive hands-on training that familiarizes students with case studies, frameworks and live risk-management simulations.

This program is suited for IT Managers, CIO, CISO, Advanced IT Consultants, and Risk Evaluation Employees.

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Professional Penetration Tester

The Professional Penetration Tester course aims to develop the next generation of cyber security experts. With a unique focus on simulating live cyber-attacks, students will be trained to detect and prevent breaches. Students gain hands-on experience as well as the most advanced knowledge and skills under the guidance of leading industry-based instructors. Upon graduating, they will be able to conduct penetration testing for global corporations, small organizations, military forces, and government bodies, securing their databases and assets.

This program is suited for IT and security professionals who are looking to enter the cyber world and advance their careers.

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Why invest in HackerUSA cyber security education?
  • High Potential Earnings: Professionals in the industry are making over $130K per year.
  • Low Financial Risk: HackerUSA programs start with pre-training courses that determine whether students are on the right track before making large financial commitments.
  • High Job Demand: In the past year, there has been a 76% increase in the number of cyber threats and there are about 4,000 ransom attacks in the United States each day.
  • Knowledge & Expertise: Israel is internationally recognized as having one of the most resilient cyber security industries in the world. With HackerUSA, you tap into Israel’s latest, most practical global cyber content.

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