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About Film & Media Studies

This interdisciplinary program will help you become media literate and advance your own awareness of media's effect on your perceptions of critical social issues. You'll look at film form, film and television history, world cinema, and/or practice in graphic computer arts.

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Introduction to Film

A fundamental film course which should create good critical viewers with a basic knowledge of film form, concepts, and terminology. On a practical level, students will be applying what they’ve learned to film and video of all kinds.

French Cinema: Retrogrades, Rebels, and Realists

Introduces students to the major developments in the history of French cinema. The course aims to develop students’ skills of analysis and interpretation in order to enable them to read and appreciate film as an art form.

Advertising Art

The making of websites, animation, and print products will demonstrate the knowledge of software concepts and design principles; the use of type, page layout color, digital imaging, and motion. Projects will reflect the student’s personal interests and will form the beginning of a digital portfolio.
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