Aneta Kielkucki

Aneta Kielkucki's recital was on Saturday, April 16 2011 at 3 pm. Aneta has been studying the guitar with Edward Brown for four years. Aneta was accompanied by her guitar teacher, Edward Brown, in several duets such as "Toy for Two Lutes" by Thomas Robinson, Morenita do Brazil by Giuseppe Farrauto, and Buenos reyes, a traditional Spanish tune. Also accompanying was fellow senior music major Agatha LaRocca in the fourteenth-century madrigal "Non al suo amante" by Jacopo da Bologna, with text by Petrarch. Aneta also performed works from the twentieth century such as Études simples by Leo Brouwer. The recital closed with a light-hearted blues tune by Richard Cortland Harrison, "Birth of the Blues." Several months of preparation and research were invested into the recital in order to have an in-depth understanding and appreciation of the music being performed.