Figure 1: Adam Jacobs conducting one of the many bands at Tottenville High School  Music has the ability to heal all wounds and fix even the most damaged souls.  It brings thought to life and flight to the imagination.  The power of music is infinite and being able to receive the gift of music is something in which I will forever be grateful.  My senior project focused on the internship and student teaching experience I gained as a high school music teacher at Tottenville High School.  I worked daily in and out of the classroom learning everything that goes into running a successful high school band.  My focus was on analyzing scores, tuning, learning minor instruments, teaching and working with students in a high school setting.  I stayed after school and worked throughout the weekends with the school's nationally ranked 9th place marching band.    As a high school student, my peers and I worked tirelessly to improve the drum line for the benefit of the whole band.  Today, I continue to work weekly with the percussion unit at Tottenville; it is an opportunity that I consider to be a great honor and a true privilege.  Ultimately, my student teaching experience culminated in a series of two concerts where I conducted 4 bands ranging from beginning to advanced jazz, big band and symphony orchestra in front of an audience of nearly 1,000 people.      Teaching music is something I have always pictured myself doing and after this experience I will be able to enrich, inspire and elevate the future of the world just as it was done for me throughout my time as a student in the NYC public school system.  Just as former President Bill Clinton said, “Music can give you your dreams. It will teach you hard work, it will break your heart and make you so happy, you can't stand it.... I don't think I'd have been president if it hadn't been for music.”

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