Kaitlyn Pinkos’s Biography


k8Kaitlyn Pinkos is a senior double major in Music and Chemistry at Wagner College. Growing up, Kaitlyn was involved in music in any way she could be, including participating in band and choir, taking private piano lesson, and taking voice lessons. Throughout Kaitlyn’s four years at Wagner College, she has had the opportunity to be involved in music in a variety of different ways. She currently studies guitar with Edward Brown and voice with Kelly Bergfeld, and she in the past she has taken composition lesson with Barbara Wesby and piano lessons with Joyce Chung. She is a member of the Wagner College Choir and Chamber Singers and has often participated in Opera Workshop, and Performance Hour. Kaitlyn has been a member of Vocal Synergy female a cappella group, which she has held a leadership position for the past two years. She had the honor of joining Vocal Synergy at the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella this year, where they placed first in quarterfinals and had the opportunity to compete at semifinals. For her senior research in chemistry, Kaitlyn is exploring MRI contrasting agents with Dr. Richardson, and after graduation she will be attending University of Maryland School of Pharmacy. She would like to thank her teachers who have encouraged her and helped her grow as a musician over the past four years, and her family and friends for their constant support.