Annie Labriola (2007). Senior Internship: “EMI Music Marketing”  The EMI or Electric and Musical Industries Group is comprised of the record label and music-publishing house. EMI Music is one of the Big Four record labels and is the largest music publisher in the world.  My internship within the company was at EMI Music Marketing (EMM). EMM encompasses sales and customer fulfillment operations in North America for labels such as Capitol, Virgin, Capitol Nashville, Angel, and Blue Note records. As a music marketing intern I learned about the product life cycle, which includes music publishing, artist performances, label promotions, manufacturing and distribution, and sales and marketing. This internship was unique because I was treated as an employee and was given real responsibilities. The EMI Music Marketing interns are assigned a semester long team project along with the day to day responsibilities such as creating artist artwork and art boards using graphics programs such as Photoshop, assisting EMM sales/artist development reps with retail marketing and promotional campaigns.

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