Victoria Opthof (2006). Senior Recital: “Composers of the Twentieth Century and Beyond” I performed my senior recital on April 8, 2006, jointly with Mitch Sims and Gina Watzka. I presented music for French horn by Richard Strauss, Bernhard Heiden, Gordon Jacob, and Wagner College professor Robert Delfausse. In preparation for the concert, I conducted research and analysis on the music performed. For Strauss’s Horn Concerto no. 1 , I investigated issues of historical performance practice, including the type of French horn and the expression markings used at the time of its composition. I also analyzed the third movement of the concerto in order to gain a better understanding of the structure of the piece. For Heiden’s Sonata for Horn and Piano, I researched how new performance techniques developed during the twentieth century. In addition to learning about the music I performed, I learned how to produce a concert. I conducted interviews and research to produce program notes for the recital; I advertised the event in order to build an audience; and I prepared for the recital in cooperation with a stage manager and by conducting a dress rehearsal. In addition, I edited the recording of the recital after its performance; click here for a sample from the third movement of the Strauss concerto, performed with pianist Kathryn Boyd.

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