Lauren M. Patsos (2007). Senior Recital. Mark Hyckzo (piano), Lauren Patsos (soprano), Dora Ohrenstein (voice teacher). Lauren performed her Senior Recital on April 28th, 2007, in the Campus Hall Performance Center.  Along with Mark Hyckzo (piano), Lauren performed music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (click here to listen to an excerpt), Johannes Brahms, Giuseppe Verdi, George Frideric Handel, Gabriel Fauré, Douglas Moore, and Moses Hogan.  This repertoire spans from the seventeenth to the twentieth–centuries.  In preparation, Lauren spent many months studying and analyzing the text and music.  This process also included learning to sing in French, German, and Italian with excellent diction.   Lauren’s love for opera and more specifically Mozart led her to do a research paper on the historical performance practice of singing Mozart arias.  This, in turn, led to a deeper understanding of what was expected when the operas were first performed which she was then able to incorporate into her singing.  In the process of choosing pieces and the order of the recital program, Lauren had to take into consideration  which pieces are more vocally challenging so as not to tire herself, as well as what will keep the audience involved.  Along with the concert order, Lauren included the text and translations as well as a program notes on each piece so the members of the audience could follow along.

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