Carolyn Ryans (2006). Senior Recital: “Songs of Passion, Desire, and Betrayal” My senior recital, performed on April 26, 2006, included fourteen compositions for soprano voice and piano by Vincenzo Bellini, Franz Schubert, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Giacomo Puccini, Gabriel Fauré, and Aaron Copland. Performing a solo vocal recital requires many months of preparation, including analysis of the musical and verbal texts; study of vocal technique and diction; writing and editing of program notes and translations of the texts; and rehearsals with a pianist. The texts were in French, Italian, German, and English. Research into historical performance practice during the fall and spring semesters led to a paper about Franz Schubert that enhanced my understanding of how to perform his songs in a way that reflected original nineteenth-century performance practices. The printed recital program included texts and translations, program notes on each of the works presented, and a brief autobiographical statement. Click here to hear Schubert’s famous song “Ave Maria,” sung with its original German text, performed with Wagner adjunct professor Joyce Chung, piano.

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