Laura Woodruff (2007): Senior Abstract  Pianist and mezzo-soprano Laura Woodruff’s senior project culminated in a Senior Recital performed on March 24, 2007. Lauri Young served as the piano accompanist for the vocal portions of the recital. The program consisted of three major piano works and also seven vocal compositions ranging from classical to Broadway. The recital began with a performance on the harpsichord of the Prelude from English Suite III in G minor by Johann Sebastian Bach. Study of this work included learning about historical performance practice in the Baroque period as well as analysis of the composition. Laura’s next piano piece was Jardins sous la pluis (click here to listen to an excerpt) from Estampes by Claude Debussy on the piano. Laura’s biggest and longest piece of the recital was Beethoven’s Pathètique Sonata on the piano, performing all three movements and lasting about twenty minutes. Laura also performed a variety of songs in the classical, contemporary and Broadway genres. Laura’s first song was an aria from the Italian opera Rinaldo by George Frederic Handel and a German lied, “Ständchen,” by Johannes Brahms. She also performed two original compositions, “The Snow Man” (click here to listen) and “Walking Through the Woods On a Snowy Evening” with poems by Wallace Stevens and Robert Frost. Both songs were composed from 2005 to 2006 in the contemporary art song style. Laura’s other songs were Jason Robert Brown’s I Will Follow, a duet with friend Benjamin Hegel entitled “Secret Soul” from Jane Eyre, and “Astonishing”  (click here to listen) from Little Women, to close out the recital. For her encore, Laura concluded by singing and accompanying herself on a Vanessa Williams contemporary piece entitled “Oh How the Years Go By.” The project also included preparation of and research for the program. Laura had a very busy semester preparing for her recital and also working full time in Manhattan for The League of American Theatres and Producers, the official trade association for Broadway. This semester, Laura’s recital and internship helped her gain a greater appreciation for music, and recognize the satisfaction she feels from performing in and partaking in music and theatre.

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