Young Musicians Competition


The Young Musicians' Competition at Wagner College was an annual event that rewarded exceptional students who achieved extraordinary results.  Its aim was to provide further incentive for these young people and to encourage their continued success. We regret that the Competition has been suspended following the sudden passing away of its director, Wagner's beloved Prof. Ronald Cross, in February 2013.

Dr. Ronald Cross, Director — M.A., Ph.D., New York University, A.A.G.O

Antoinette Carone, Coordinator — Diploma, acting; B.A. French; M.A. Cinema Studies, College of Staten Island

Honorary Board of Directors

  • Rocco Spinelli, Founder and President ABC Ready, Set, Learn
  • Claire Regan, Adjunct Prof. of Journalism and Alumna, Wagner College
  • Ernie Jackson. Alumnus, Instructor in Music Technology, Director Guitar Ensemble, Wagner College, Faculty, Queensboro College, Grand Prize Winner, YMC
  • Gary Sullivan, Chairman, Theater Dept. and Director of Arts Administration, Wagner College




The Wagner College Young Musicians Performance Competition, which previously was held every year in the spring, has been suspended until further notice. If you recently sent us a message or an application, please be in touch with the Wagner Music Department by phoning 718-390-3313. Thank you.

The Entry Form for 2013 was to have been submitted by Jan. 7
For further,  see Performance Entry Information
There were two Levels of Competition:
1) Junior High School (grades 7, 8, 9) and
2) Senior High School (grades 10, 11, 12)

Contestants in each level may enter in one or more
of the following categories:
1) Bowed Strings; 2) Plucked Strings; 3) Woodwinds; 4) Brass;
5) Keyboard;

Winners of the Grand Prize in each level will receive $500
Auditions are not open to the public.