2nd Degree Nursing Orientation Peer Leaders 2017

We are the Second Degree Nursing Orientation Peer Leaders, here to help you along your nursing school journey. We were once just like you – new to Wagner College, to nursing and excited to get started.

Please join a few of us for the YouTube Livestream Q&A on Friday, August 4th at 12:30pm. The livestream provides a forum for you to post questions, share academic expectations, and learn more about Wagner College School of Nursing. Come join us!

Alyson B.

I chose nursing school following my undergraduate studies in Bio-Behavioral Health so that I can help others in a career that would challenge and interest me every day. I look forward to enhancing all that I have learned by bringing it to the real world.

Brittany P.

My first degree was in Athletic Training and I proceeded to get my MBA. I chose to study nursing because I wanted to be make a difference in many different aspects of a patient’s life. I am the current President of Wagner College Student Nursing Association.

Cara M.

I worked for many years at an animal shelter before going back to school for nursing. I love to take care of both animals and people, so nursing is the right fit for me. I'm looking forward to helping others through this great profession!

Danielle L.

I began the nursing program after completing my first degree in Psychology. This program prepares students quickly and efficiently. I'm looking forward to my career in nursing and using the many skills I have learned through Wagner College School of Nursing.

James S.

Maligayang Pagdating! Welcome to Wagner College. I studied economics at De La Salle University in the Philippines and worked in the corporate world, but wanted to play a vital role in the lives of others so I chose nursing.

Katy H.

I first majored in Corporate Communication and am now proud to be getting my second degree in Nursing at Wagner College. I currently serve as the Mentorship Chairperson for Wagner College Student Nursing Association and am excited to help welcome the incoming class.

Kevin W.

My first degree was in Biology from SUNY Cortland. Wagner has taught me skills that will help me in my career and in the real world. I look forward to applying my knowledge and striving to be the best nurse that I could be.

Stephanie P.

I chose to study Nursing because I wanted to be more involved in all aspects of patient care. Wagner has taught me the discipline needed to succeed in all settings. After graduation, I am looking forward to a career of continuous learning.

Stephen T.

I graduated from SUNY Binghamton with a degree in History. After graduating and working I've come to realize that nursing is my passion. Being in the second degree program has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life and I look forward to meeting you all soon.

Wendy L.

I am a wife, mother of three with a Biology degree. It was time to continue my dream of advocating and educating others during vulnerable times, so I chose to study nursing. You are on the right path. Work hard, stay disciplined, and you will do it too.