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For incoming first-year students, Harborview Hall will be your new home. This 14-story residence hall is home to 639 students, and was the primary location for our web series, A Room from the View (watch below!). Learn more about the facilities, get a packing list, and more on the Res Ed website. Below are answers to many new student frequently asked questions. Can’t find an answer to your question? Connect with your admission counselor.

Tour: Harborview Hall

This residence hall is home to all first-year students. Kolten Bell '19 shows us his room. WATCH VIDEO

A Room from the View, Episode 1

Episode 1: "A Room With A You" Directed by Paul Schloeder '16 and Cameron Haffner '18 Written by Megan Irving '16 Wagner College is proud to present its first web series, "A Room From the View." Follow two students throughout the ups and downs of their first year, as written, acted, and produced by an entirely student team. Check back every Wednesday at 6 p.m. EST for a new episode. WATCH VIDEO

A Room From the View- Episode 2

"Carpe Diem" Written By: Megan irving Directed By: Paul Schloeder and Cameron Haffner In this week's episode of "A Room From the View," Tina gets an unexpected visitor who might be too big of a challenge for her to handle. Check back every Wednesday at 6pm EST for new episodes. WATCH VIDEO

A Room from the View, Episode 3

"Paper, Projects, and Poets" Written By: Megan Irving Directed By: Paul Schloeder A library study session turns into a romance gone wrong, in this weeks episode of "A Room From the View." WATCH VIDEO

A Room from the View, Episode 4

"A Room with a Boo" — Jenny and Tina spend a night in fear when they find their room plagued by otherworldly forces. Written By Megan Irving Directed By Cameron Haffner WATCH VIDEO

A Room from the View, Episode 5

Tina and Jenny attempt a successful all nighter on "A Room From the View." Things get complicated when an unexpected guest joins them. "Up All Nighter" Written By Megan Irving Directed By Paul Schloeder '16 and Cameron Haffner '18 WATCH VIDEO

A Room From the View, Episode 6

"Bend and Break" Written By: Megan Irving Directed By: Paul Schloeder Tina gets Jenny out of a slump. WATCH VIDEO

A Room From The View, Episode 7

"Fight, Fight, Fight" Written By: Megan Irving Directed By: Paul Schloeder & Cameron Haffner Tina and Jenny find themselves at odds and seek out advice on how to mend their relationship. But mending a friendship turns out to be much messier than they anticipate. Tune in next week for the finale of "A Room From the View" at 6 p.m. EST. WATCH VIDEO

A Room From the View, Episode 8

"See Ya Later Alligator" Written By: Megan Irving Directed By: Paul Schloeder WATCH VIDEO
Video thumbnail 2 Tour: Harborview Hall
Video thumbnail 3 A Room from the View, Episode 1
Video thumbnail 4 A Room From the View- Episode 2
Video thumbnail 5 A Room from the View, Episode 3
Video thumbnail 6 A Room from the View, Episode 4
Video thumbnail 7 A Room from the View, Episode 5
Video thumbnail 8 A Room From the View, Episode 6
Video thumbnail 9 A Room From The View, Episode 7
Video thumbnail 10 A Room From the View, Episode 8
Academic Advisor

Every student has an academic advisor to guide them through course selection and The Wagner Plan. The advisor for first year students is the Reflective Tutorial (RFT) instructor. Students will meet their RFT instructor during Orientation. Once a student officially declares a major, an advisor will be appointed from the respective academic department. Transfer students will be assigned an academic advisor based on their major or from Academic Advisement. Students may address any Advisement-related questions with the Center for Academic and Career Engagement (CACE).

Air Conditioner

All academic and administrative buildings are air-conditioned. Additionally, Harborview and Foundation residence halls have central air. Parker Towers and Guild residence halls are not air-conditioned. Students are not permitted to bring personal air conditioners.


In accordance with New York State law, no student under the age of 21 is permitted to consume or possess alcohol on campus. The consumption and possession of alcohol by residential students over the age of 21 is permitted only in legal-aged students’ residence hall rooms. Alcohol is not allowed in residence hall lounges or common space. See the Community Standards of Conduct in the Student Handbook for more information.


Check cashing service is provided to students at the Business Office, first floor of Cunard Hall, 9:00am-4:00pm, Monday-Friday. In addition, ATM machines are located in the Union and Harborview Hall.


The Bursar’s Office, located on the first floor of Cunard Hall, handles student billing and payments. Bills for the fall semester will be sent in early December. Students can make payments online or sign up for an interest-free payment plan through Tuition Management Services. See the Business Office online for more information.


All students are permitted to have a car on campus; vehicles must be registered with Public Safety. However, parking is limited and resident students are not encouraged to bring a car to campus. Wagner provides a campus shuttle to the Staten Island Ferry. Staten Island has an extensive public transportation station; a bus line stops at the main entrance to the College. Additionally, the First Year Residential Experience and Co-Curricular Programs provide a weekend shuttle to the Staten Island Mall.

Closet Space

Residents in Harborview Hall have access to one closet in their room in addition to college provided furniture; each room has a bed, dresser, chair and desk per student. Closets do not have doors and tension rods and curtains are suggested. Closets measure approximately 3’3” in width and 7’6” in height.

Community Standards

Each Wagner College student must abide by the Community Standards of Conduct included in the Student Handbook. These standards ensure that the campus is a safe and welcoming environment for all members of the Wagner community. Students are expected to know and follow the Community Standards at all times, on or off campus. To learn more about the Community Standards of Conduct, visit the Student Handbook online.

Counseling Services

The Center for Health and Wellness is staffed by a psychologist, a licensed therapist, and a social worker. Services are free of charge and include short-term treatment and referrals. Records are confidential. Appointments made me made through the Center for Health and Wellness at 718-390-3158.

Course Schedule

Classes for all first year students will be chosen based off of information provided in the New Student Form. Availability of course schedules will be announced soon. Students will be able to make limited revisions to their course schedule during the advising and registration session during Orientation. View the Undergraduate Bulletin

Disability Services

Wagner College provides reasonable accommodations through Disability Services to students who qualify. Reasonable accommodations are based on each student’s disability-related needs and documentation and are determined on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Dina Assante in the Center for Academic and Career Engagement at 718-390-3278 for information.

Electrical Appliances

Certain appliances with an exposed heating element such as hot plates, coffee pots, or toasters are not permitted in the residence halls.


A Wagner e-mail address will be provided to each deposited students over the summer. E-mail is the primary mode of communication from Wagner College to each student; students are encouraged to check their e-mail daily for important updates and information from the College.


The Office of Financial Aid maintains an online database of available on- and off-campus positions available to eligible students. Students can visit Financial Aid on the first floor of Cunard Hall throughout the semester for employment opportunities. The Office of Financial Aid may be contacted at or 718-390-3183.

Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid, located on the first floor of Cunard Hall, handles student grants, loans and employment. Financial aid packages for fall semester are sent during the spring prior to a new student’s enrollment at Wagner. For any questions, please contact them at 718-390-3183 or See Office of Financial Aid for additional information.

Fire Safety

All residence halls are equipped with fire safety and fire fighting equipment.  In addition, the college participates in fire drills twice each semester (once at night, once during the day).  The Residential Education ensures compliance with this by performing health & safety inspections twice a semester to ensure each room is safe and compliant with the FDNY requirements!


Each residence hall room in Harborview Hall provides a closet, bed, desk, dresser and chair for each student.  Students are not permitted to bring outside furniture into their room in Harborview Hall.

FYRE - First Year Residential Experience

FYRE, the First Year Residential Experience, is a series of events and initiatives supporting first year residential students during their transition to college life. FYRE creates an engaging, supportive, and fun living environment in which students can connect with peers, faculty, and administrators. All FYRE events are planned in collaboration with the student RA staff in Harborview Hall. For more information on FYRE, visit Res Ed online.


Wagner students are permitted to bring guests.  In order to be a guest, a student must sign in the person at the front desk. The front desk has 24/7 coverage! Resident students are permitted to have 2 guests a month. Guests are permitted overnight 2 times each month.  However, the roommate must also be in agreement of the guest staying.  Finally, guests under the age of 16 are not permitted as overnight guests in the residence halls.

Health Insurance

Wagner College mandates all full time students carry their own health insurance. The college Health Fee funds a Wellness Access Plan which provides supplementary limited reimbursement and unlimited use of our Center for Health and Wellness. This includes the care provided by our Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurses, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Counselor and Social Worker.

Health Services

The Center for Health and Wellness, located on the first floor of Campus Hall, functions as a diagnostic and treatment center for well health, emergency cases, and short-term illnesses. Campus Hall Room 127, our phone (718) 390-3158 and for emergencies if we are closed to contact Public Safety (718) 390-3148.


There are a number of hotels in the general vicinity of campus. The College recommends the Hilton Garden inn (1100 South Avenue, 718-477-2400) and Hampton Inn Suites (1120 South Avenue, 718-477-1600) as they offer discounted rates for College guests. Please call the hotel directly to use the rate.


Residential students are guaranteed housing for their four years.  When a student signs their housing contract they are agreeing to live on campus for a minimum of three years (as long as they stay a Wagner student).

Housing Assignment
Students will be assigned a roommate for their first year that matches their profile.  Students can also submit a roommate of choice.  For the following years, students can select their room in the Spring semester for the following academic year.   Applications are due by July 1, 2017.  After residents are placed, they cannot change their housing assignment until the third week of the semester.
Housing Location

The college works to provide students with the best living situation. However, the Office of Residential Education cannot guarantee location in Harborview Hall.  View requests are not processed, it is a random assignment.

ID / Parking Decals

ID/Parking Decal distribution for traditional students will take place Thursday, August 22nd, 2013 9:00AM-12:00PM and 1:00PM-2:00PM and in the Public Safety Office from 2:30PM to 4:00PM. Graduate Students & Adult Learners will be able to pick up their ID/Parking Decals on Wednesday, August 7th, 2013 9:00AM-7:00PM in the Public Safety Office.

Information Technology Help Desk

Wagner College has an Information Technology Help Desk where we can assist students with technology questions.

Phone: 718-390-3410

Please note, the use of personal network routers/switches and wireless (Wi-Fi) routers/access-points/extenders on campus is prohibited. Wagner College provides students with access to a secured (user authentication required) Wi-Fi network.

Your personal printers must be connected via USB cable to your personal computer, so please remember to bring your own USB cable.


Laundry facilities are available in each residence hall 24-hours a day. Harborview Hall has laundry machines that take debit and credit cards for quick, convenient payment!

Wagner College also offers a weekly laundry service for students. For $499 per academic year or $250 per semester, students can drop off 20 pounds of laundry each Tuesday and pick up cleaned laundry on Thursday. To sign up for this service, visit or call 718-390–3221.


Learning Communities

The Wagner Plan links the Learning Communities directly to field experience, as small groups from the LC are placed in carefully selected field sites. This experiential learning component includes service learning, field trips, participatory learning and/or community research. Students typically spend three hours per week at the designated site observing the organization, its practices and its dynamics. A list of Learning Communities and descriptions can be found in the New Student Form and on our website here.


The Office of Residential Education refers students to an outside vendor for the purchase of bed linens for extra-long twin beds. When purchasing linens at any vendor, students should purchase XL-Twine sized sheets. To order linens online visit the University Endorsed Linens Program.


All resident students must go to the Postal Center in Campus Hall to receive their mailbox assignment. All packages for students are held in the Postal Center and students are notified via e-mail to retrieve it. Additionally, students may send packages, purchase stamps, and send/receive faxes in the Postal Center, open 9:30am-4:30pm, Monday-Friday.

Students can receive mail by addressing it to:
Student Name, Campus Mailbox #
Wagner College
One Campus Road
Staten Island, NY 10301.

Meal Plan

Students have the option of 2 meal plans. The first plan is 19 meals a week with $50.00 in flexible spending cash. The second plan is 14 meals a week with $125.00 in flexible spending cash. Students select their meal plan on their housing application, and can change it during the first week of the incident.  Students wishing to upgrade their meal plan may contact Dining Services at 719-390-3246.

First year and transfer student move in is schedule for Thursday, August 24, 2017.
The college closes it’s residence halls for Thanksgiving and Winter Break.  Students do not need to take their belongings home if they plan to continue at Wagner.  Students should plan to leave 24 hours after their last academic requirement or by the date assigned by Residential Education.
For the spring semester, students should leave 24 hours after their last final exam or by the date assigned by Residential Education.

Attending Orientation is mandatory for all new, transfer, adult learner, and graduate students. Orientation includes a full schedule of social and informative events to welcome new students to the campus community. Additional information regarding Orientation is found on the New Student Page.

Property Assurance

Wagner College assumes no financial responsibility for damages to or loss of personal property of students. It is recommended that all students insure valuables and look into etching large items such as televisions, computers, and gaming systems.

Public Safety

The Public Safety office is open Monday-Friday, 7:30am-4:00pm. The Main Gate on Howard Avenue is staff 24-hours a day and can be reached at 718-390-3148. Officers are available 24-hours each day and may be dispatched to emergency situations. Additionally, Emergency Blue Light Phones are located throughout campus and connect directly to Public Safety. The Public Safety office is also responsible for issuing parking passes.

Wagner College has instituted an Emergency Text Messaging system, please visit and click the “Register” button.



Resident students are permitted to bring refrigerators counter-height or smaller. Refrigerators, freezers, and microwaves (or any combination of the three) are available to rent through Collegiate Storage. Visit Collegiate Storage and Rental online for information on renting per semester or for the academic year.

Res Ed Staff

Residential Education oversees all four residence halls and the residential experience of each student. The department is management by a Director and an Assistant Director. In addition, 2 full time Area Coordinators a 5 Graduate Residential Coordinators maintain the day-to-day operations of the halls.  The buildings are equipped with a Resident Assistant (RA) staff that buildings community and ensure safety and compliance to the rules and regulations.

Residence Halls

There are four residence halls on campus; Harborview Hall, Parker Towers Hall, Guild Hall, and Foundation Hall. Halls offer double, single, and suite-style living. Medical accommodations are provided with appropriate documentation. Only resident students are permitted in the halls. All guests must be signed in at the front desk. Resident students must present their ID card at the front desk of each hall; each hall is staffed by a desk attendant 24-hours a day.


Wagner provides a campus shuttle to and from the Staten Island Ferry. Additionally, the First Year Residential Experience and Co-Curricular Programs provide a weekend shuttle to the Staten Island Mall.


All residence halls and academic and administrative buildings are smoke-free. Smoking is prohibited within 50 feet of any campus facility, including each residence hall.


Students looking for seasonal storage are referred to Collegiate Storage and Rental. Visit Collegiate Storage and Rental online for information on storage options.


Students can pre-order their books online or pick them up on campus through the Wagner Bookstore. To search for books online or on campus, students will be required to have their student ID number and course section number(s). Pre-ordered books will be available during Orientation. Visit the Wagner Bookstore online for more information.

What to Bring/What Not to Bring Into the Residence Halls

Please click here to view a list of what students can and cannot bring into the Residence Halls.