Orientation Mission and Goals

The mission of the New Student Orientation program, led by the Division of Campus Life, is a collaborative effort with faculty, administration and student leaders to facilitate new students’ transition and to acquaint them with the Wagner College community.  New Student Orientation introduces incoming students to The Wagner Plan for the Practical Liberal Arts, social and co-curricular involvement, and to the greater New York City community.  Activities and programs included in New Student Orientation promote student independence, engagement, and success.

New Student Orientation will:

  • Welcome new students to Wagner College and acquaint them with the mission and identity of the institution.
  • Introduce new students to the academic curriculum, The Wagner Plan for the Practical Liberal Arts, specifically, the First Year Learning Communities.
  • Introduce families to relevant campus resources and assist them in their transitioning parental role.
  • Foster a first year student community and a sense of campus pride among the Class of 2017.
  • Create mentorship and relationships between new students and Peer Leaders and Resident Assistants.
  • Create open relationships between new students and Wagner College faculty, staff, and administrators.
  • Educate new students of their rights and responsibilities on campus and introduce them to the Community Standards of Conduct and the Student Conduct Process.
  • Inform students of campus services and resources that will enhance their academic success and overall college experience.
  • Emphasize the importance of co-curricular involvement by introducing new students to established Campus Life opportunities.
  • Introduce and begin to develop life skills necessary for student success.
  • Expose new students to important societal topics effecting student success.